New Lusben Livorno Keel Pit:
The Mediterranean’s Largest for Sailing Boats

Lusben continues on its path of innovation and expansion with a new first, confirming its position as a benchmark hub in the refit and repair industry for large sailing yachts as well.8.5 metres deep and 3.5 metres wide, the new inspection pit is the largest currently available in the Mediterranean. With this new facility, Lusben can expand the target market for its services and take on new commissions, including work on sailing yachts with canting keels.

The new pit’s large size facilitates all routine and extraordinary maintenance operations, including painting, as well as work on keels. The new structure is extremely versatile: on one hand, it allows work to be performed on sailing yachts up to 70 metres, and on the other, thanks to two concrete slabs that cover the pit, it can be used for work on motor yachts, extending the space available at Lusben’s Livorno shipyard for “classic” refit operations.

Alessio Centelli – Site Manager Livorno

“Now we have a new inspection pit for sailing yachts that allows us to perform work of all types on canting keel boats up to 70 metres long. It’s a remarkable project that confirms the Shipyard’s credentials as a centre specialising in the world of sailing yachts as well.

Gianni Paladino – Commercial Director

“This major investment in the Livorno site, following others completed in recent years, confirms the Group’s intention to expand the Lusben division and, in the coming years, consolidate its position as a benchmark for refit work in the Mediterranean. Now we have the space, the technology and the people to achieve this important objective, as is already confirmed by recent orders and others being finalised for the upcoming autumn season.”

Lusben plans to recruit new, highly qualified professionals to manage the new inspection pit, further expanding the team of experts and strengthening its ability to offer excellence in yacht refit services.