The Yards in Viareggio and Livorno represent two poles of excellence because of the ability of their own artisans and experts: top notch Refit and Repair activities are carried out by skilled and qualified personnel like Engineers, Architects, Carpenters.
Lusben also boasts a staff of Technicians and Project Managers who turn Client’s wishes into customized solutions through multiple services which is able to deliver.
Lusben makes use of modern technology and equipment: not only a ship lift rated more than 2,500 tons unique in the marine industry or a floating dock 180 meters, Lusben can also easily accommodate the largest world’s luxury yachts into a modern paint booth which can accommodate up to two vessels simultaneously. This cabin is equipped with two nitrogen plants, which guarantee a high level of quality and efficiency.
Lusben works in compliance with strict safety rules and requirements within the current applicable Laws, in line with the regulations and with the certificates required.

Each project is a worthy challenge of maximum commitment and professionalism for Lusben.



Following wide-ranging development of the Tuscan coast and its tourist industry in the 20th century, the Viareggio seafront promenade became the focus of one of the best-loved seaside resorts...



At the start of the 16th century, Livorno was no more than a small fishing village and in all probability would have remained as such if the de’ Medici...