Technology, high-quality, forefront and innovation, mixed together with the artisan tradition of our supplier, are just a part of the “Lusben Experience”. Our goal is to provide a 360° service that goes beyond the usual works of repair and assistance. Our team is ready to welcome the captains and crews and cuddle them during their stay in the yards of Viareggio and Livorno, to make your stay a moment of vacation and relaxation, where alternate sightseeing to a day of shopping and end up with a typical dinner.

The time spent in the yard waiting for the finalization of the work also becomes a moment to explore Tuscany, a region rich of history, culture, art, nature and traditions. From a a quick tour of the closest cities of Pisa, Florence and Lucca to a nice day to the Spa, moments of relaxation and events specially organized to turn an evening into a fun get-together between the crew and our team. Because the hospitality is the best way that we have to make you feel part of our big family.

We wait for you