Yacht wrapping

Lusben has decided to invest and win the leadership in the application of adhesive films of the last generation in the yachting world, in line with the changing market, offering an environmentally friendly and high quality product with reduced processing times and costs. The “Yacht Wrapping” is an innovative high-tech manufacturing that can offer customers a wide range of opportunities and possibilities for customization, using important brands internationally known.


Lusben entered into an exclusive collaboration agreement with UANLAB for the Yacht Wrapping, the breakthrough technology in the field of ultralight adhesive laminates materials that faithfully reproduces every kind of surface, even very different one to each other both, visually and to the touch, with the ability to customize the film at the request of the customer. The duration of the process is guaranteed over time and requires no special maintenance. The interventions of application can be performed without completely removing all the parts to be treated, representing a valid solution to combine design and practicality.

The external and internal coatings are extremely flexible and adaptable also to curved and corrugated areas, allowing the restyling of any type of surface: walls, ceilings, navigation bridges, with the possibility of application also in humid environments, with embodiments capable of withstand the most severe environmental and climatic conditions. The wide range of products available allows to always have new colors and innovative finishes, not so easy to achieve with traditional solutions.

The products are all environmentally sustainable, that do not generate any emissions into the atmosphere and do not require specially equipped areas for the application. For best results Lusben use the “Spray Booth”, equipped with a sophisticated ventilation and heating system and, thanks to the ozonation system, it ensures application in a totally aseptic place which guarantees a very high quality result. Lusben plans to extend the application of this adhesive film also to the bottom of hulls as a valid alternative to traditional antifouling. Lusben, in partnership with UANLAB, organized in their own “crew areas”, technical sessions to present and explain the process, but also to promote the product to the crews and industry operators.

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