Ca’ moro: the solidale refit

New launch in the 2014-2015 season: the social-bateau Ca’Moro is back in the waters of the Old Dock to start again its activities after the intervention of Lusben. The history of this restaurant-boat was born in 2014, as Marco Paoletti, president of the Parco del Mulino, social cooperative type B that has received the gift of the boat from the non-profit organization of Parma “Crescere con noi”, together with the Italian Association of Down People section of Livorno and the Cooperative Itinera, decided to convert it into a boat- restaurant, dock it right in front of the 4 Mori and take as waiters salaried down guys of the Parco del Mulino.


A positive experience, which ended very well the first season of activities with genuine participation by citizens. Then the need for a “put back in place” to which Lusben immediately responded by providing all means to fix the boat. Maintenance, minor repairs and redesign were carried out for free: because solidarity comes before business. And in May a second launch was the lucky beginning of a new working season anchored on board.

After the launch Lusben has renewed its commitment to possible future actions, if any were needed, to ensure the continuity of this socially useful activity.

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